Port Masterplan Development
We integrate an intelligent bottom up approach for developing ports with focus on market demands and the potential of the area to ensure successful port development. Our master plan development is flexible to accommodate Outline Business Case, Multiple Land use scenarios, Infrastructure, Trade, Economics and future demands of our clients.
We offer sustainable port development that is more demand driven involving a team of technical and development experts who infuses current multi-disciplinary approach that results to a successful port development.

Our services include:

  • Port Layout including design of brake waters/mole.
  • Development of underwater investigation. This includes Echo Sounding, HDR Graphic Surveys, Channel Planning including Width Routing and Environmental Analysis.
  • Port Lighting (Common user facility)
  • Transportation/Logistics services
  • General port security in compliance with ISPS Code.
  • Independent Power Plant (IPP)
  • Training of vessel crew.