Port Masterplan Development

Highway Energy Station

FCL offers a demand driven port masterplan development using a multidisciplinary approach from professional and technical experts. The range of services include:

  • Port Layout including design of brake waters/mole.
  • Development of underwater investigation. This includes Echo Sounding, HDR Graphic Surveys, Channel Planning including Width Routing and Environmental Analysis.
  • Port Lighting (Common user facility)
  • Transportation/Logistics services
  • General port security in compliance with ISPS Code.
  • Independent Power Plant (IPP)
  • Training of vessel crew.


Our Approach

  • Identify the legal provisions on land usage
  • Obtain relevant permission from the requisite regulatory agency
  • Engage with relevant stakeholders such as transport service provides, local and regional planning officers
  • Segment aspects of port masterplan for effective planning and execution
  • Map out safety  and  security  considerations  in  terms  of  how  the development impacts on public access to land and rights of way
  • Understand the possible environmental impacts of the development and outlining measures to combat these impacts
  • Review the developed port masterplan at intervals for timely reaction against exigencies