Felak Concept Limited is aspires to be an industry leader in providing engineering, health and safety expertise in the marine, diving, pipeline and subsea market sectors. Our highly qualified and experienced work force is our greatest strength, allowing us to offer an extensive range of marine consultancy services for the offshore and subsea industry.

Our services include:
On-Site Engineering

• Subsea Solutions
o Bend control solutions
o Cable protection
o Clamping solutions
o Mass Flow Excavation
Product Sales / Rentals
o Trenton Anti-Corrosion Materials
o Weld Testers
o Pipeline Repair Products
o Valve Maintenance Products
o Custom Built Fittings
o Pigging Products
o DNV 2.7-1 Offshore Containers

Pressure Services
o Hot Tapping
o Line Stopping
o Pipe Freezing
o On-Line Leak Sealing
o On-Line Valve Maintenance
o On-Line Safety Valve Testing
o Composite Repairs

Offshore solutions
o CCTV solution
o Elastopipe
o Innovo Solutions
o Laser Reference System for DP
o Passive fire protection
o Passive Heave Compensation

Merchant marine solutions
o Ballast Water Treatment
o Blending on Board Lubrication
o CCTV solution
o Exhaust Gas Scrubber Solutions
o Vessel Satellite Communication System

We combine our experience in a wide variety of renewable technologies and the expertise to develop, engineer, construct, finance, and operate projects around the country.

As part of Federal Government’s obligation to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), FCL offers full turnkey solutions on Renewable Energy in Nigeria collaborating with high technical team under an SPV.

Our in-house skills and experience are extensive, from commercial and legal to technical and engineering expertise. FCL can safely oversee projects from development through planning and financing phases, to construction and operation.

At FCL we provide design and construction assistance to private and public clients. We stand beside our clients, guiding them through the LCDA’s approval, design, and construction phases of a project. We are expert providers of engineering design and construction services for water distribution and wastewater collection systems, treatment and storage facilities, roadways, and storm water management..

FCL plays in the Global Engineering Services industry which consists of Transportation, Energy and Power, Building Construction, Water, Sewer and Waste treatment and other services.

Our civil engineering clients plan, build and own an extraordinarily diverse portfolio from site developments to water systems, and from energy facilities to transport networks. Their needs vary from select civil engineering skills, such as grading and drainage, to full management and execution of civil engineering design.

FCL’s specialists cover the entire range of civil engineering needs. For large coordinated design efforts, our project leaders empathetically coordinate diverse specialists to deliver designs that realise our client’s goals.

Efficiency particularly dominates the conversation with today’s clients. Efficient use of capital, land, operating budgets and natural resources are common themes. Often, efficiency translates into expanded project value which demonstrates our skills for a complex world.

Whether facing pressure from the community for civil engineering works that are sympathetic to their neighbourhoods or shareholder demands to generate revenue sooner through carefully phased construction, clients need solutions that help them stay in front.

Clients expect the best global standards in civil engineering. They want designs that draw on the latest in research and which customise tested solutions for individual requirements.

We can help because PCL’s sophisticated knowledge management networks connect our civil engineers around the world. By sharing experience, we can tailor the best tested solution to fit a local client’s project. Felak Concept Limited sources funds and does research that defines and shares leading technology and thinking – and is always focused on delivering value to clients.

We also help clients visually articulate value to the community, and in approvals processes, by combining our experience in stakeholder engagement with leading skills in virtual modelling.

At FCL we've built up invaluable experience in procurement over 15 years of delivering our own projects, establishing reliable processes to efficiently procure products and services.

With our expertise we can provide an end-to-end service for everything from procuring land acquisition through to equipment. We are technology agnostic - not tied to a particular technology or manufacturer - so we remain impartial and source the best for your project. We also negotiate grid connection agreements and take care of all contracts for compliance and servicing a generating asset.

Engaging FCL to deliver your project eliminates the need for multiple supplier contracts. Thus avoiding duplication or omissions as well as offering better value.

At FCL HSQE teams have been established to ensure best practice is shared across the business. The management of health, safety, quality and the environment is key to the delivery of our sustainability principles.

We take responsibility for the safety of ourselves and other people. We are committed to a future where everybody goes home safe every day.

We achieve this through:
• Safe Behavior – each of us taking responsibility for the safety of everyone working for us
• Safety Leadership – a commitment to the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone affected by our work including our employees, contractors, clients, visitors and the general public
• Environmental Management – minimizing the effects of our activities on the environment and integrating environmental concerns and objectives into business decisions
• Quality Management – setting quality standards that reflect the needs of the business


At FCL we understand that in carrying out our services everything we do affects communities, and more importantly the people who live within them. We don't take our role in this for granted, but view as a privilege our opportunity to positively impact property, the local economy, the environment and our social infrastructure with realistic and achievable projects.

FCL’s highly-skilled planning team utilizes its diverse local, national and international experience to provide professional advice that results in pragmatic, actionable plans. We are keenly aware of the importance of meeting milestones and budgets, along with understanding and achieving the client’s definition of project quality and providing comprehensive communication and follow through. What’s more, our planning team has the benefit of being fully integrated with our civil engineering, natural resources and surveying professionals, providing seamless insight into the full impact of planning efforts on communities.

Management Staff

The Company comprises of the managing director with a management team who effectively manage the company. We tailor our ancillary workforce on a need basis. With a staff of experienced and talented professionals, firm members specialize in Maritime Transport, Consultancy/Transaction Advisor, Engineering, Technical drafting, Digital Security, Marketing, procurement, Supply and Administration.

Our staffs strive to build strong working relationships and open communication with our clients. They are committed to providing quality professional services within each project's determined budget and time parameters.


Human Resource Capacity

We possess adequate and competent human and material resources to execute jobs of any magnitude within the specified time frame and at minimal cost without compromising standards.